Intense Cycles

Intense Bikes are a bicycle brand based out of Temecula, California. The brand started in 1994. Intense started in downhill with their first bicycle framed called the M-1. Over the lifetime of the brand, they have been able to redefine their suspension to make their M series one of the most desired downhill bicycles on the world. With Shawn Palmer on their team, they were able to win multiple races and get the brand out as a solid name in the big hit and enduro world. Intense is one of the few brands that still produces their aluminum frames here in the US.


Why Intense?

“There are dozens of MTB brands on the market but only a handful of authentic MTB brands, Intense is one of them. We have a  heritage of race history and from the beginning we have pushed boundaries, whether on the track or off. We design and build bikes that evoke an emotional response and we curate a community of fans that are Intense For Life.” – Andrew Van Zuygen – Intense Regional Sales Manager


Want to try a Intense out? We try to keep several in our rental fleet! Give us a call or stop in today and try out your new Intense!

The Spider 275C

  • Short Travel
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Can take a big hit, but still ride around the neighborhood
  • Agile climber

“This might be the best trail bike Intense has ever made.” – Bicycling Magazine

The Tracer 275C

  • Big hit but still able to ride around neighborhood
  • Air over shock for extra durability
  • Downhill geometry with a impressive climbing ability
  • Guarded frame to protect against any rock damage.

“The Tracer 275 C is one of the most capable and well rounded all-mountain trailbikes we have had the pleasure to review. The only disappointment it has handed us is that we will eventually have to send it home.” – Pinkbike

The ACV (All Cushioned Vehicle)

  • First dedicated 27.5+ Duel Suspension
  • 115mm to 130mm travel
  • Super agile cross country mountain bike
  • Better footprint than a regular mountain bike
  • Simple suspension for easy maintenance

“This is one hell of a great looking bike and one of the most fun bikes we have ever ridden.” – Enduro Magazine