Orbea is a Spanish manufacture of bicycles. They are located in Mallabia, Spain and began production of bicycles in 1931, but have a long history of manufacturing rifles and guns all the way back in 1840. They are Spain’s largest bicycle manufacture and have even expanded some of their production to Portugal. Orbea is a unique brand because it is a Co-Op brand. Everyone who works for the company, owns a small part of the brand. This has allowed for the brand to listen to the customers and guide the brand based where the customer wants to go, not where the company wants to go.

Orbea is one of the few bicycle brands offering a fully custom bike with their online platform called MyO. With this platform, you are able to customize the bike to whatever you’d like, a certain color, drive train, or even put your name on it are just a few examples of the multiple options given to you.

We stock multiple different models of Orbeas across multiple different disciplines of cycling. Orbea has always been a strong option in the road cycling world but slowly is growing greatly in the mountain bike cycling due to their design in their duel suspension and insanely light hard tail models.

Stop in and check out one of their fantastic models! Demo bikes available now!

The Orca

  • Ultra lightweight race bicycle with optimal stiffness
  • Fast but still very comfortable for longer rides
  • For the road cyclist looking for the model to do it all
  • Available in disc or caliper

“The most comfortable and fast bicycle I have ever ridden!” – William Smith – 2016

The MX 

  • Affordable mountain bike series made in Spain
  • Great choice for someone who wants simple, but function able
  • Multiple sizes and two wheel sizes to get a great fit!

“Not your typical alloy hardtail, the MX series from Orbea uses a more relaxed geometry to emphasize that it is ready to rally.” – MTBR


The Rallon

  • A bike you can take anywhere
  • Suspension design gives this bike a very agile ride
  • Very serviceable with all smart parts easily available


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