Alaska Bicycle Center is a full service bicycle shop offering repair work, rental bicycles, and full retail sales. We stock any product that is related to cycling including, parts, accessories, clothing, gift items, and even have custom products we have locally made in Wasilla. We spotlight some of our amazing unique brands on our website. We are always bringing in new brands! We are always trying to expand our inventory of products to meet the always changing demand of the customer and strive ourselves in having the largest inventory in all of Alaska in one location.


Our Service Center is dedicated to getting your bicycle repaired in a timely but thorough fashion. We don’t just put a temporary fix on the issue, we make sure the issue that the bicycle is having is fixed properly. From flat repairs to complete overhauls and even restoration projects, we can do it all. With over 30 years of bicycle repairs, we can fix any bicycle, be in new or old. We will provide you with a free estimate! Sadly, a lot of bicycles now of days are designed to be disposable and not serviceable. Sometimes the bicycle will cost more to repair than if you were to purchase a new bicycle. If we see a bicycle that is showing signs of this, we will inform you.

We are also offer a huge variety of rental bicycles. We offer road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and hybrids as rental bikes. We try to keep a variety of different models and manufactures for our rental program. Rental prices vary depending on which model you go with. We require 72 hours advance warning for most rentals. Please call to check availability. Rentals start at 35$.